Crisis as a stepping stone to success
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When complete chaos reigns around, problems seem insoluble, and obstacles — insurmountable, it is worth remembering the following:

it is the difficulties that often become the impulse to achieving success!

To some people, such a declaration will sound strange and illogical. However, almost the entire history of mankind confirms this statement.

Since the dawn of time, our distant ancestors were in a very difficult situation. Primitive people were noticeably inferior in strength, speed and dexterity to competitors: wild animals. The bodies of people were not covered with wool, which was a major flaw in the conditions of the Ice Age. The survival of the human race was at risk.

Yet people did not give up. They used all their intellectual resources to deal with difficulties. They learned how to make fire and sew clothes, mastered toolmaking and excelled in building traps for animals. The desperate situation, in which those people ended up, ultimately played into their hands. They became smarter, stronger and achieved superiority over other biological species.

The need to deal with circumstances stimulated the development of civilization. Severe weather conditions, the threat of war, an increasing number of people, lack of food: these and other factors forced people to continuously invent something new. In that way, revolutionary technologies emerged and discoveries were made that changed the course of history.

What does all this teach us  people of the 21st century?

We are accustomed to perceive problems in a purely negative way. But what if yet another crisis that befalls us is a unique opportunity to make a leap forward in development, discovering new abilities, becoming wiser and achieving unexpected results?

Any crisis brings change, and whether it is destructive or constructive – depends only on us.

In a difficult situation, a person who does not have a goal will give up.

A person with a clear goal will say: “What potential does this situation have? How can it help me achieve my goal?” Having received the answers, he/she would start taking action.

Your goal is something that you can rely on in hard times.

It is a source of strength and inspiration.

A special tool will help confidently moving along the intended path and seeing clear reference points ahead, even during major “life storms”:


The special methodology behind it will help you find the optimal path to success and self-realization. By working daily with the Workbook, you take a fresh look at the problem, examine the task you are faced with in more detail and understand what actions will lead to a positive result.

In a difficult period of life, the tool will help you distance yourself from negative emotions, while navigating your thoughts in the right direction — to search for wise and effective solutions in any condition.

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Published: 22.09.2021
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Selva Raj
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