How emotions affect our financial decisions
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Emotions affect all areas of our lives, including the way we manage money. Do you think that you always make financial decisions rationally, based on reason and logic? Here are some examples of how strong emotions prompt people to spend more.

We wander aimlessly at the markets, staring at products out of boredom and sometimes buying unnecessary things at a discount out of greed. At the same time, we often go beyond the budget by purchasing what we cannot afford. We resort to stress eating in the hope of quelling anxiety, although in a calm state of mind we would not spend money on food.

To manage your finances wisely, it is important to understand your feelings and express them in a way that doesn’t result in unpleasant consequences. An impulse purchase is unlikely to be useful and, ultimately, will not bring you joy. It is better to invest in your future by ensuring Financial Security for yourself and your family.


A good decision at all times

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Published: 16.08.2023
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