How to find meaning in work?
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4 ways to stay motivated.


When it comes to work motivation, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is money. However, psychological research conducted by Dan Ariely shows that motivation is a more complex and multifaceted concept. In his experiments, the world-renowned professor of behavioral economics demonstrates that there are a number of factors other than financial ones.

Ariely argues that intrinsic motivation plays an important role in achieving high levels of efficiency. It is based on the process of work, satisfaction from completing tasks and a sense of self-worth. Motivated people are more likely to achieve professional success.

Dan Ariely also points to understanding the meaning and purpose of the task being performed. He notes that the more a person controls his/her own activities, the more effective he/she becomes.

Overall, Ariely’s research highlights how important it is for every person to be aware of what demotivates him/her specifically. But how can you maintain productivity and motivate yourself to work effectively?

1. Take regular breaks

Breaks are a great way to increase your productivity. Taking a little rest will help you make your work organized and focus on a specific task without being distracted by other factors.

Japanese researchers decided to find out how students cope with work before and after viewing relaxing and fun photos. It turns out that positive emotions help you focus when performing tasks that require close attention.

2. Reward yourself for achievements

Reward yourself when you achieve a goal you have set or solve an important task. This will help you avoid procrastination and maintain motivation, and will also contribute to your professional success.

3. Connect with people who inspire you

Find people in your industry who have a lot of experience and knowledge. Connecting with professionals who share your interests can help keep your motivation high and create social support.

But for many people, it’s not always easy to surround themselves with people who are willing to inspire and support. Therefore, we recommend looking for communities that will help you significantly expand your personal connections. One of these could be our Direct Seller community.

4. Focus on the end result

If you feel lack of motivation, don’t focus all your attention on the difficult task at hand. Focus on the reason why you need to do it. For example, you can hang a picture above your workplace that depicts your dream and pay attention to it as often as possible. 

Understanding what motivates you in your work and business allows you to create more favorable conditions in your team, where each person can unleash his/her potential and achieve his/her professional goals. You can also read how the environment influences achievements at work in our previous article:
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Published: 08.05.2024
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