How to stop being dependent on circumstances and take control of life
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When traveling by boat on the river, sometimes one wants to trust the flow, without straining one’s muscles, take the oars out and calmly observe how the stormy stream carries one far away.

This is what many people do when they travel on the river called Life. They drop their oars and hope that the flow itself will lead them to happiness and prosperity. Having relaxed and lost their vigilance, they fail to notice how they ended up at the edge of the waterfall. And then a long fall without a chance of going back follows…

Every one of us can be represented as such a river wanderer. Some are paddling diligently, beating against the current and stubbornly moving towards the intended goal. While others simply surrender to the will of the waves, without a clear understanding of where they want to sail.


Have you already decided what type of wanderer you are?


If you realize that you are aimlessly going with the flow, do not despair. You can formulate a clear and well-thought-out goal in just one day. After that, a lot will change in your life: the way you think and act, your worldview, mental attitude. Once you identify the shore that you want to dock, you will want to grab the oars and paddle, enjoying the process.

In this regard, a question arises: “How not to make the wrong choice but rather sail to where success awaits instead of sharp rocks?”


Success Framework Workbook — a strategically important tool for modeling and shaping your ideal future — will help you set the right course.


The tool has been designed for a wide range of people and it will be useful to those who:


  • have not decided on the choice of life path yet;

  • doubt the chosen goal;

  • are certain of their goal, but still not sure how to achieve it.

The Workbook methodology allows you to understand what is really important to you right now, what you should focus your efforts on and what is not worthy of your attention.

With the help of the tool, you will not only choose the ideal goal for yourself, but also examine its every aspect. All the factors that influence the final result will become clear to you. The Workbook will help you shift the attention away from secondary or completely useless tasks and focus on what really matters.


Don’t wait for the river called Life to take you where you don’t want to be.

Take control of the boat!





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Published: 11.08.2021
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