Rules for success in the Information Age
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Today, flows of information pervade the whole world, continuously infiltrating our minds. Television, Internet, newspapers, communication and exchange of experience with others... At the University of California, San Diego, it was calculated that the modern human brain processes nearly 34 GB of data daily. This is more than a person who lived in the 10th century, during the Middle Ages, could process throughout the entire life.

New world — new rules

In the boundless information space, it is easy to get lost or become a victim of manipulation. The ability to navigate never-ending data sets, to distinguish truth from lies and to find highly useful information are vital skills for a modern person.

In the Middle Ages, one could run a successful business (for example, being a shoemaker or a blacksmith) and have no clue what was happening outside one’s village. Additionally, the master passed all the accurate information that was necessary and skills related to the craft directly to the apprentice.

On the contrary, a skillful entrepreneur of the 21st century must be well familiar with the economic and political situation in the country and the world, new technologies, peculiarities of legislation in one’s field, etc. But he/she, as a rule, does not have a mentor who would teach the entrepreneur all the necessary things and protect him/her from informational garbage.

Instead, the modern entrepreneur is surrounded by a huge amount of data, sometimes inaccurate, and competitors who are rarely ready to give good advice. However, incorrect information or lack of it can lead to bankruptcy and downfall.

The foundation of effective search

The most important factor in finding the right information is a deep understanding of the goal that must be achieved, combined with the skill of analytical thinking. If you have a vague idea of what you want to achieve, you will quickly become entangled in streams of contradictory or completely useless data.

It is way easier to navigate the information space, choosing the main thing and filtering out the unnecessary, if you:

  • clearly comprehend your goal and see the path towards it;

  • know how to think in a systematic way, notice important details and analyze everything that is happening around.

A navigator in the sea of information

We want as many people to achieve success and be able to help others in this as possible. After all, the more people strive to improve the quality of life for themselves, their family and friends, the more they succeed in their business, the more prosperous the society becomes. For this reason we offer our clients a universal tool for shaping a reliable and financially secure future:

Success Framework Workbook.

The tool will help you shift attention from secondary or completely useless tasks and focus on what really matters.

You will learn to make decisions based on thoughtful analysis of the environment rather than emotions, spontaneous desires or erroneous judgments.

The conclusions drawn will point the right direction in the search for further information. You will be able to confidently set off towards your dream, knowing exactly how to stay on the right track.

You no longer need to strive to achieve the goal the hard way.

Go towards success in a straight line with Success Framework Workbook!



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Published: 29.09.2021
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