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The aspiration towards financial independence, freedom from debt, the ability to provide for yourself and loved ones are the basis of a prosperous life. It is impossible to be happy if most of the time you think about whether you have enough money until the next paycheck and how to live on. But if you are here, then you are ready for change.

The Global IndiaGold platform provides a real chance to become part of the gold business and manage your income.

*If you haven’t become a Direct Seller yet, we recommend that you read this article first: How to start a business with Global IndiaGold

If you already are a Direct Seller — congratulations, you have taken a step towards success. However, this is only the beginning. To achieve results and earn a lot, you need to promote the business and products of the company properly.

Here are 4 tips to help you achieve material well-being:


1. Think about the client

It is impossible to become a successful entrepreneur if you sell products or services having only momentary profit in mind. The client will not understand what is the benefit and value for him or her, and will not be interested in the offer.


Take a pen and notepad or laptop and write down the answers to the questions:

How will the client benefit from this offer?

Will the client’s life improve if he or she buys the product?

Answers are the key to success. Find something that will interest buyers and convince them to buy.


2. Set goals and draw up plans

Let’s compare: Rajit wants to buy a car, but saves money irregularly, and sometimes spends money from the piggy bank, he does not have a clear plan on how to earn money to accomplish his dream.

In contrast, Abhay wants an AUDI car and plans to earn money on it in a year, saving 15% of income every month.

Both have the same desires, but which one will succeed? Definitely Abhay.


To achieve success, it is not enough to set a goal, you need to draw up a clear plan and set deadlines. With such guidance in front of you, you’ll know exactly how to get what you want, and you’ll be more likely to succeed.


3. Establish business contacts

Useful business contacts contribute to personal growth and development in business. Connect with successful entrepreneurs, attend business meetings and meet other Direct Sellers. You will be able to exchange experience, knowledge, secrets of success, receive and give valuable advice and significantly strengthen your position in business.


Think about where to meet the right people. You may want to contact other Direct Sellers or attend an upcoming business event. Write down suitable options where, in your opinion, enterprising people meet and get acquainted. Take action.


4. Develop leadership qualities

A survey at Kenoxa, a large European company, showed that those employees who consider their superiors as skillful and efficient are more motivated to succeed and demonstrate exemplary results.

Not everyone is born to be a natural leader, but these qualities can be learned. The ability to listen to others, inspire and lead will help you build a strong structure and achieve a well-deserved triumph.

Leadership skills help build an efficient team of motivated people who are ready to do more and strive to succeed. By improving the necessary qualities, you can significantly increase the income in the business.


Allocate time for developing leadership skills: read books, watch useful videos, ask your loved ones for advice.

Use the effective Success Framework Workbook tool that will help you think in new ways: you will see additional opportunities, build your own strategy for achieving goals, and develop the qualities of a true leader.


Use these 4 tips and change your life for the better.

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Published: 06.02.2023
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