What is real success? We explain it simply and in a coherent manner
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What comes to your mind when you hear this word?

Most people think of images imposed by television, movies and motivational videos: rich celebrities, luxurious mansions, expensive supercars...

But is this a real success?


A term that is misinterpreted all the time

Today this word is used so frequently and inappropriately that it has long lost its true meaning and value, and for many it has become an empty phrase.

“Do this and you will succeed. Follow these tips and success will not be long in coming”, — such expressions are constantly heard from numerous coaches, business trainers, bloggers. People oftentimes do not understand what they are being asked to do exactly. After all, these advisers do not know about the hidden dreams, beliefs, worldview of each individual. They do not know what kind of success you are dreaming of, therefore they offer people a generalized and simplified universal tactic of success, which often turns into another way of gaining a lot of money.

A lot of money is certainly better than little money. Most people use money only as a tool to succeed on the path towards their goal. 


Success is not measured by the amount of money, admiration or envy on the part of others.

 Success is determined by the answer to one simple question:



Success or illusion of success?

Imagine a billionaire, the owner of a large corporation, living in his own castle and flying on a private jet.

Is such a person successful? At first glance, it seems so.

Yet let’s take a closer look at this person, find out his story. It turns out that this person is an orphan who spent childhood in poverty. Being tired of loneliness and destitution, he vowed to create a strong and close-knit family that would live in abundance. Thus began his ascent to the heights of business.

What’s next? He started a family, but his wife divorced him, having seized a significant share of the property, and the only son became a drug addict and ended up in prison. Now this rich man is wandering around his castle in despondency. There are no loved ones next to him, only servants and bodyguards.

Yes, he has a lot of money, but the goal that he had been striving to achieve for many years, remains elusive, he did not achieve what he wanted. A talented entrepreneur is feeling neither happy nor proud. Is this a success? 



True success is about acquiring what you REALLY DESIRE.


Do not be a puppet in the hands of others!

Do not succumb to advertising, the opinion of others, the stereotypes of modern society that are trying to dictate the rules of success.

Be guided by your own desires and dreams. Only then will you choose the exact direction and goal that will lead to success in life.

And then there is a high probability that the result will bring you the satisfaction you deserve. 


Why do we talk about it today?

The Global IndiaGold online platform team has been researching the nature of success for several years. Our clients are people from different parts of the country, with their own unique dreams and goals, no two of them are alike. We do not know what every one of them wants, but we do know how to help them get what they want.

Our online platform offers a set of solutions to everyone who is ready to start moving towards their dream:

1. Personal business that does not require large investments

Every client who buys a Global IndiaGold branded kit of products gains access to the GoldSet marketing program. Participation in the program means cooperation with the platform in exchange for remuneration.

Participation in the program gives you an excellent opportunity to do business without investing large sums of money or getting a loan. You actively promote the products of Global IndiaGold, attracting motivated people to your team and creating a source of passive income — in this way you take a big step towards a high quality of life.

Read more on how to become a Global IndiaGold Direct Seller here

2. Reliable financial resource

It is much easier to implement any plan if your determination is backed by financial capabilities. You need a resource that you can count on in all life situations.

Statistics of recent decades show that only investment gold can provide reliability and stability. The precious metal is not subject to inflation, it does not depend on the decisions of governments and banks, and is easily bought and sold. Our experience with clients proves that people who own gold achieve their goals faster.

You can purchase investment gold bars of the highest fineness (999.9) with an exclusive design in the Global IndiaGold online store.

3. Self-improvement tool

Owning financial resources is only half the success. One needs to know how to use them.

According to statistics, only 3% of people fully achieve the goals set. Why? Because they think and take action in a special way.

Whatever your dream is, there is a universal principle that will help make it easier to achieve it. This principle formed the basis of a special methodology embodied in the Success Framework Workbook tool.

4. Accessories for creating a flawless business image

If you strive to achieve high results in business, take your appearance seriously. The impression you make largely attracts people way better than any words, convincing them to become your allies on the path to the goal.

Exclusive Global IndiaGold branded accessory kits will help create the image of a respectable, self-confident entrepreneur. 


You have everything to achieve what you really want!

Do not be afraid to fundamentally change your life — you are already on the way to success.




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Published: 20.10.2021
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Kailashnath, Rathod
Kailashnath, Rathod
Can you send me all contents ?
Oct 20
Good one about Successful person. People are in illusion of Dreams.
Oct 21
My Life is learning to tha life thankyou
Oct 22
Sunil Yadav
Sunil Yadav
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