What leadership style do you choose?
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How to motivate people to achieve the goals.

On the path to achieving success, every person needs such an invaluable skill as leadership qualities. A good leader has not only authority, but also the ability to motivate and direct subordinates to achieve a common goal.


What qualities characterize a great leader and what is the secret to working effectively with a team?


A successful leader is able to motivate employees by his/her own example to take vigorous action and maintain team spirit even in the most difficult situations. Well-developed social skills and knowledge of the basics of effective communication contribute to clearly conveying the assignments to subordinates, strengthen team relationships and help to prevent conflicts.

There are several leadership styles, each based on different approaches to leadership. Teams working under the guidance of a knowledgeable leader are more productive — a competent leader effectively allocates resources and motivates to achieve better results.


The most common leadership styles: 


1. Autocratic. The leader controls and manages the team, demonstrating his/her power — he/she makes decisions on his/her own and gives instructions. This style is suitable in situations that require quick decision making, but can lead to employees’ dissatisfaction and decreased motivation.

2. Participative. The leader welcomes the exchange of ideas and takes into account the opinions of subordinates. This approach is optimal for companies that need creative ideas to carry out tasks. But it is worth taking into account that the decision making process may take longer.


3. Laissez-faire. The leader gives the team freedom of action without constant interference in the working process. Employees make decisions independently. This tactic is only suitable in situations where the team has enough skills and motivation to do quality work.


4. Transformational. The manager inspires employees to achieve high results, pays attention to the development and training of team members, and encourages the manifestation of leadership skills. With this approach, each employee is focused on long-term results, but there is a high probability of neglecting small current tasks.

5. Transactional. The leader uses the “carrot and stick” method to accomplish assigned tasks. Successfully completed work is necessarily rewarded, and negligent attitude towards work is punished. This approach works well in crisis situations when employees need to be more effective, but it can also lead to burnout.


Remember: each leadership style has its advantages and disadvantages. In teamwork, a leader may use a combination of various methods depending on the desired outcome and current circumstances

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Which management method would you choose?

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Published: 23.01.2024
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