Why does India choose gold?
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It’s no accident that India is called a country that loves gold. The precious metal plays an important role in the culture of our people. We give gold for holidays, weddings and other significant events, and the government buys hundreds of tons of gold a year. Why is the precious metal so popular in India?

Here are 3 main reasons:


1. Sacred yellow metal

Due to its unique properties, gold attracted the attention of Indians many thousands of years ago. In ancient texts, the precious metal is endowed with a sacred status and it is with it that the creation of the world is associated. In the collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns called Rigveda, gold has the energy of creation, and in the Upanishads it is mentioned as the soul of the universe.

Goddess of prosperity Lakshmi is usually depicted with many hands, while the gesture of one of them expresses goodwill and protection. It is from this hand that the goddess pours out gold coins.


2. Importance of gold jewelry

An interesting fact: 11% of the world’s gold is held by Indian housewives, which exceeds the combined gold reserves of the United States, Switzerland and Germany. Such a large percentage is due to the fact that it is customary to give gold as a gift, marking significant events in a person’s life. The precious metal is passed down from generation to generation and accumulated over the years. Each decoration carries a certain meaning. For example, by looking at it one can find out if a woman is married, how many children she has, and what social status she has in society.

Gold has a sacred ritual significance in the religious life of India. For example, when building a new house, it is customary to put a few grams of the precious metal in the foundation. It is believed that such a ceremony brings joy and grace to the inhabitants.


3. Accumulation of savings in gold

Precious metal is rightfully considered a reliable protective asset which helps to survive the inevitable difficulties and crises.

When it comes to preserving savings, Indians choose gold over the national currency. The depreciation of the rupee and inflation have taught the people of the country that only the precious metal can help in difficult unforeseen situations. By choosing gold, you protect yourself and your accumulated funds, achieve Financial Security and feel confident and stable.

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Published: 04.01.2023
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