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Oftentimes we hear complaints that everything is wrong. The Internet is full of articles, comments and videos that criticize, and sometimes make fun of the ways how various acute social problems are solved. People, as if meticulous experts, investigate every issue in detail, but offer no solution — they are just whining. The number of whiners is growing, while the problems persist.


Victim mentality

In psychology, there is a concept, better known as "victim mentality". A person recognizes himself/herself as a victim of the negative actions of others, blaming relatives, neighbors, bosses, the government, anyone but himself/herself. Such a person enjoys talking about personal troubles and subconsciously attracts troubles.

Perhaps this description fits the profile of someone you might know. What do you think: can a society with a predominant victim mentality achieve prosperity?


Total indifference

In the era of the Internet and social media, people with a victim mentality can spread their discontent all over the world. The desire to attract attention to oneself and tell about painful experiences dominates the global network, while other people's misfortunes are of little interest to anyone. A typical Internet user sees the request for help, clicks the "share" button, and then forgets about it. There are fewer people who are willing to selflessly help others.

Focusing on oneself and one’s own emotions becomes the cause of people's alienation and indifference towards each other. When you constantly think only about your problems, the misfortunes of others no longer resonate with personal experiences, the ability to sympathize as well as do good deeds becomes a rare occurrence.

The behavior of visitors at the restaurant in The Hague shocked the police who arrived to help an unconscious man. Dozens of people filmed the entire scene on their smartphones as if something entertaining was happening. A total indifference becomes commonplace.


Every man for himself

All of the above in combination with the cult of individualism led to the fact that in the modern world – every man for himself. People struggle with circumstances on their own, experiencing a victim mentality and putting blame for their failures on others. Irresponsibility and indifference hinder cooperation and mutual assistance. No wonder people constantly fail in life and business. Mass difficulties ultimately affect the welfare of the whole country.


It's time to take action

You can whine and criticize as much as you like, but only proactive actions will help to improve the situation. The world will not change on its own – you should get involved. Any global problem can be fixed if everyone makes a proper contribution.

There are three types of people:

  • critics — constantly complain, grumble and bore others with eternal problems;

  • theorists — theorize, make smart remarks, give advice, but do nothing;

  • pragmatists — take action and achieve, they have no reason to complain about life.

Have you determined which category you belong to?

We are sincerely glad that our clients belong to the pragmatists – determined people who prefer to take action rather than sit back and do nothing. We managed to form a team of goal-oriented individuals who are not indifferent to the fate of the outside world. Together we can reach unimaginable heights.

Understanding that the overall success depends directly on the success of every individual, our clients help each other in creating Financial Security. By changing the lives of relatives, friends and business partners for the better, they facilitate the improvement of the situation in the country and the world in general.

We have created a special business environment where people become leaders who are ready to take care, unite and lead. Leaders do not complain and do not shift responsibility to others – they take control of the process. Such individuals make history.

Everyone has a power to unleash the full leadership potential, becoming the masters of fulfilling life. The experience of people who reached the top of success with Global IndiaGold is a testament to this power. 


Drive discontent and despondency out of your life.

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Published: 15.03.2023
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